Do What You Love

Leave the rest to me.

Imagine this… an online home you LOVE to share that makes it easy for your dream client to say YES to your product or service.

Copy that speaks to the heart. Design that captures your essence. A clear, beautiful website that your customers love to visit.

Through my signature process of copy, design, and website creation, I’ll use my visual and storytelling skills to help you tell the story of your business and communicate the gifts that only you can share. I blend your values and the things you hold sacred with the way your target customer wants to FEEL, following that feeling to create a specific, visually compelling written and visual narrative across your new online home (aka. your website).

If you have a small business or are just starting out, it can be daunting to hire a full team of people to craft your message, write your website copy, design your visual branding, and expand it across a beautiful website… unless you work with me.

Our work together is a true collaboration. Rather than looking at sister businesses and mimicking them, I will help you go your own way, departing from “how it’s done” and creating a brand that’s as singular as your favorite piece of jewelry.

In short, my goal is to make you stand out, not fit in.

Emotional Connection


It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, from cars to coaching:

People shop with their emotions.

Their buying power aligns not only with their values and identity, but the feelings that they’re chasing and the identity they’re living into. My process starts with getting clarity on this person, how they want to feel, and how your product or service will help them achieve this. With this work as our foundation, you’ll feel confident that every aspect of your business, from the words on your website to your business card, conveys these emotional elements.

My Signature Process

How It Works

Once we’ve done the work of identifying your ideal customer and what feelings they’re chasing, I draft your website copy, covering every bit of text you need on your site from your tagline to your terms and conditions. Once the copy feels like your voice on the page, I’ll infuse its message into your logo and visual branding, then deploy it across a website that will look beautiful on every device and be easy for your customers to navigate.

It’s a fun, collaborative process that will not only give you a website you’ll love to share but help you clarify your overall business vision. Many clients have said they clarified their business model from my intake questionnaire alone!

An online home you feel excited to share helps you offer your services with confidence.

Work With Me

Who am I?


I’m Emily and for 12+ years, I’ve helped authors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses build and engage their communities with compelling copy and design. Whether you’re starting your business or have a well-established brand, I will help you find the words and images that tap into the emotional needs of your audience and convey your message. Through a fun, collaborative process, we will find the solutions that feel true to your personality and the people you want to serve.  Learn more »


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Working Hours

  • The Damayanti

    Branding, Copywriting, Website Design

  • Meggan Watterson

    Course Development, Website Design

  • The Middle Finger Project

    E-Book Design, Print Book Design

  • POUND Jewelry

    Branding, Copywriting, Website Design

  • Monika B Events

    Branding, Copywriting, Website Design

  • Qoya

    Branding, Copywriting, Course Development, Website Design

  • Elan Vital

    Branding, Copywriting, Website Design

  • Prologue Coaching

    Branding, Copywriting, Website Design

  • Crawford Marriott Associates


  • Virginia Rosenberg



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What I Offer


Craft a written message to appeal to the emotions of your dream customer.

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Tell the story of your business with engaging, elegant visual branding.

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Build a beautiful website that makes it easy for your customer to say YES.

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Course Creation

Build programs that deliver tangible value to your clients.

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