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A Call to Create Online Course

As people read Rochelle Schieck’s book “Qoya: A Compass for Navigating an Embodied Life that is Wise, Wild and Free” (which I designed!), readers kept asking: “How can I integrate this book into my life?” I asked Rochelle, “What would you most like to take a course about right now?” and she said, “Conception! Pregnancy! Birth!” (she was newly engaged after all…). I did the math — 9 chapters of her book aligned with the 9 months of pregnancy. We realized that they formed a cycle of creation that you could apply to any project in your life — a book, a business, a baby. The result is a course that not only gives an embodied experience of Rochelle’s book but offers a feminine paradigm of creation and a repeatable framework to use any time you wish to create something in your life.

In addition to helping Rochelle develop and write the course, I designed a robust workbook that probably took me as long to design as the book itself, and I love seeing photos of people’s workbooks printed out. So many things I design are only consumed on the internet, so it’s pleasing to see things printed out, taking form in life.