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Dance with the Divine Online Course – Elemental
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Dance with the Divine Online Course

Working on this collaboration between two of my favorite clients, Rochelle Schieck founder of Qoya and Madeline Giles founder of Angelic Breath Healing, was dreamy. Writing the sales copy and developing course exercises required blending their voices, which I was in a unique position to do, having written copy for both of them. Likewise for the visual branding, Qoya was hosting the course, but I incorporated Madeline’s color palette to make a cohesive visual story that was aligned with her brand without breaking away from Qoya’s.

I based the icons for the course off the strong lines of the Qoya yantra, since “the Qoya” is one of the energies covered in the curriculum. I also pulled in Madeline’s color palette again to create a visual story for the course that represents their partnership and the marriage of their practices in the course.