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Jennifer Gandin Le – Elemental
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Online homes powered by emotional connection.

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Jennifer Gandin Le

Jennifer is one of my best friends, so this is quite possibly the easiest logo I’ve ever designed. She’s the only book editor I recommend, and her work is unparalleled. She’s also a talented photographer, so I was lucky to derive her color palette from photos she’d taken. I love sourcing color for designs this way, because it adds a layer of meaning to the business owner.

For the past 10 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with Emily on projects large and small, and I’ve watched her bring her full roster of skills and expertise to each one. Her ability to hone in on the most important elements and make them shine is unparalleled. Her strengths are manifold; she is as comfortable coding a website as she is polishing a book’s design. (I’ve seen her succeed at both for the same client on a tight timeline!)

Let Emily be your project’s secret weapon–her diverse expertise and experience will carry your project from idea to culmination with clarity, grace, and style. She exceeds expectations and gives her whole heart to her work, and the finished project shines because of her effort. She collaborates seamlessly with a team of any size to take the work even higher. She is worth her weight in gold! —Jennifer Gandin Le, writer, editor, and photographer