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Meggan Watterson – Elemental
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Meggan Watterson

Meggan came to me for a website redesign a few months before the release of her latest book, Mary Magdalene Revealed, so it was an exciting time to explore the next iteration of her brand. Since she’s an accomplished author who has published several books, we worked to create a visual style that would bring her many books into harmony visually as well as feel like the expression of Meggan’s soul on the screen. I also designed and built a new platform for her online community, Redladies, that would give her members greater ease in accessing her beautiful monthly sermons.

“Emily somehow, magically and mystically, saw the vision I had in my heart for exactly how I wanted my website to look and function. I was in awe when I first saw it, and I felt such relief as well because I have someone now who has the tech-brilliance to bring a clarity and integrity to the vision of my work.”
—Meggan Watterson