You can hire me to write copy, design your visual branding, build a new website for you, or all three!

My Signature Process

Over my years of working with small businesses, authors, and entrepreneurs to launch new brands and reinvent old ones, I’ve developed a process to create a cohesive brand story across your words, images, and online home, powered by emotional connection.



Emotionally compelling copy is the foundation of everything I offer.

One time, I purchased a product with a website that was nothing more than black Helvetica font on a plain white page. Why? The copy spoke to me, and the product was EXACTLY what I needed. You can have the most beautiful logo in the world, but it doesn’t matter if your copy is vague, meaningless, bloated, or boring.

After your initial consult, you’ll complete my magical client intake questionnaire. Many clients have said this alone has helped them clarify their business model — powerful stuff! It digs through the gold mine of your experience and imagination for emotional connections with your dream client (and helps you figure out who in the heck that is!)

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, I’ll write your website copy, which we’ll collaborate on in rewrites.

My basic website copy package includes:

-Home page

-About page

-Work with Me page

-Individual sales pages for your products or services

-Contact page

-Terms of Use + Privacy Policy pages

-Social Media Bio

In addition to your website copy, we can also develop content for your courses or craft a social media strategy. I can write the sales emails for your next launch, or you can hire me as your writing coach, to edit your writing and help generate ideas for new programs and blog posts.

From website copy to sales emails to long-form projects like e-books, I will write fresh content — all in your voice.



Once we’ve crafted a message that will sing directly to the heart of your dream customer, I’ll build a visual branding toolkit around it. This includes:

-Logo in 2 formats

-Symbol Logo

-Color palette


-Icons and Patterns

-Photo Filter

-Beautiful Brand Guide

Whether you need a new logo, printed materials like business cards, email headers, or shareable quotes for social media, I can work with your existing design or create something brand spankin’ new, capturing the essence of your passionate soul.

When you create your written and visual branding from the same place of emotional connection as your copy, the result is a cohesive story. Your branding tells the story of your heartfelt offering to the world, and our process of collaboration will help you more confidently articulate exactly what you do and why you do it!



Think of your online home like your real home. You want guests to feel excited when they arrive, but you also walk them through the house so they know where the bathroom is and where they’re sleeping. You want your site to feel magical, but easy to navigate so that your customer sees exactly what you’re offering and how to buy it.

I build websites that will grow with your business, so our choice of platform (Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, or Showit) will be selected with your long-term goals in mind. Your copy and design will continue to evolve as we see them in action on the site, and the HUGE benefit of working with me is that rather than contacting several people to add feedback and make changes, the dialogue will just go back and forth between the two of us.

The average time for the entire process from starting your copy to completing your website is 4 – 6 weeks.

We’ll finish the process with a tutorial to empower you to make simple site updates on your own.

What About Pricing?

Cookie cutters are for baking, so all my packages are priced and customized depending on your needs. To hire me, simply fill out the form on my Contact page, and I’ll be in touch within 2 business days to schedule a 20-minute consult.

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